We empower industry to Secure Digitally, Reduce Threats and align Cyber Security with Business vision and values

Services to ensure the Integrity of Information Systems, Softwares & Applications, block illegal access and protect organizations against data theft, productivity loss and fraud.

Vulnerability Assesement & Penetration Testing

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Help organizations with regular and structured evaluation of compliance with the security policies,standards, guidelines and procedures.

IT Security Audit, Risk & Compliance

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Preferred Service Partner" for corporate clients with array of customized security solutions and services to operate in a secure environment.

Managed IT Security Solutions

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Identify and resolve Ecrime incidents that adversely impact organizations with cybercrime / online fraud and proactively manage 24x7 hours security risks.

Digital Forensic & Cyber Fraud Management

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Provides round-the-clock proactive event monitoring with prioritized alert notification & threat mitigation.

SOC (Security Operation Center) as a Service

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Our Comprehensive Cyber Security Offerings

We provide End-to-End Information Security Solutions and Services to help our Clients secure their most critical business data assets and operate business in most secure environment

Network Architecture Design Review

Security focused evaluation of your network-based computing environment, from both an architecture and operational perspective.

Network Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Identifies and exploits network infrastructure vulnerabilities and validate result with efficiently evaluate a security posture.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Our comprehensive security assessment framework focuses to evaluate and analyse existing vulnerabilities for web-based applications.

Wireless Network Penetration Testing

We simulates real-world attacks to provide a real time assessment of vulnerabilities and threats to your wireless network infrastructure.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

We go beyond looking at API and web vulnerabilities to examine the risk of the application on a mobile platform.

Source Code Review

Identifies and locate security risk and misconfigurations that have been ignored during SDLC process and can help invaders to abstract key information.

IT Risk, Compliance & Governance

We evaluate current IT governance, risk management and compliance structures for process maturity and design Effectiveness.

Information Security Management Systems

We demonstrate business is compliant and is taking all necessary measures to secure IT information in compliance with the ISO 27001 (ISMS) standard.

GDPR & Data Privacy

Our deep portfolio enables businesses to reduce the time, cost and complexity of responding to various international data privacy mandates like GDPR.

Information Technology Service Management

Our experts ensure the right processes, people and technology are in place to meet business respective goals in agreement with industry standards like ISO 20000 (ITSMS) and ISO 22301 (BCMS).

Incidence & Emergency Response Services

Our key offerings involve and improve incident response preparedness plan and minimize the impact of breaches with latest threat intelligence mechanism.

Firewall Management and Implementation

Our Managed Firewall/UTM solution provides monitoring, administration & maintenance of gateway level security along with policy supervision, upgrades and patch deployment.

Endpoint Security Protection

We offers a wide range of EPS solutions which integrates new and innovative technologies / features to protect endpoints from today’s advanced threats.

Data Leakage Protection Management

Our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) comes with Unique capture technology to safeguards intellectual property and protect sensitive data in-line with compliance.

Data Encryption Solution

Our Data Encryption solution help businesses looking to bolster their data security, increase customer confidence and ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Mobile Device & BYOD Security Management

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions allows business to secure and manage employee-owned (BYOD) and company-owned devices to drive effective team conversations.

Secure Web Gateway Solution

We provides an intuitive solution that filters unwanted software and malware from user-initiated Web/Internet traffic and enforces corporate and regulatory policy compliance.

Malware Analysis & Investigation

Our comprehensive approach for malware analysis gains an deeper understanding of malware functions to protect business IT Infrastructure.

Cyber Fraud Forensic Investigation

Our key services help businesses to traces financial trails and key data from thousands of documents to identify the fraudsters.

Email Fraud Forensic Investigation

Our digital forensic examiners investigates and examine evidences related to email scams, email hacking, phishing attacks, tracing and recovering of data.

Data Recovery Forensic & Management

With superior state-of-the-art technology, our experts provide the resources and methods to recover inaccessible data in case of lost or intentionally hidden password.

Disk Imaging & Analysis

We secure an exact copy of a storage device by investigating and restoring drive image files, bit-by-bit copies of a partition, physical disk or volume.

E-Discovery & Content Analysis

Our eDiscovery consultants can assist you with the entire electronic discovery process, defensible and accurate e-discovery.

SOC/SIEM Monitoring

We provide comprehensive real-time monitoring of infrastructure and round-the clock response to any security Breaches that may Occur.

Rapid Threat Containment

WWe rapidly response to a security incident by locating, analysing and quarantining the affects followed by reducing the impact on the environment.

Insider Threat Monitoring

We uses a multi-tiered approach to identify the activities of different groups and users in order to identify, monitor and respond to any insider threats.

Featured Training Domains

EC Council Accredited Certification Programs

Offers buffey of security programs, tools and techniques that are globally accepted in Information and Cyber Security Assurance.

PECB Accredited Certification Programs

A global training provider offers expertise in domains including IT, Info Sec, Service/ Quality Management, Risk Management, Health, Safety, and Environment.

Cyber Security and Penetration Testing

Real-life attack scenarios based programs for professionals aspire to acquire the skillsets required for cyber security job roles.

Other Quality Management Programs

Industry specific (Aerospace, Oil, Gas, Health, Education, Medical, Energy etc) based QM programs assist executives in understanding the business processes.

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Hi-cap Enterprises
trusted cyber security advisor

We serve a large segment of SME and Enterprise customers from various industry verticals with high-end information security services and assist them in securing respective IT Infrastructure.

Leading Industry Brands
preferred training partner

We work with many professional institutions and train aspiring executives with right knowledge levels on latest technology with right blend of technical traits to attain competitive market edge.

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ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is an International Standard to strengthen the Information Security of any organisation.

ISO 27001:2013 is Information Security Management System (ISMS). This is an international standard which has framework of policies and procedures

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The extent of the IT business in the best two EU part states (i.e. Germany and France) is assessed to be around 155– 220 billion USD.

Information technology is an exploring career where we can choose a variety of specialization as we get more and more experienced.

Organizations which fail to protect the personal details of their customers suffer severe financial and reputational repercussions.

Profession in Cyber Security is evolving, the barrier to entry is rising, the demand for Skilled Cyber professionals continues to grow, but it is being refined, demanding a higher level of skill and ability.

Bug bounty programs are a col-lab of companies and white-hat hackers to work together exposing security vulnerabilities and bugs in a company’s technology.

The IT industry and the world at large have always been subject to technology and business trends, sometimes undergoing major changes.


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