Cyber Crime Investigation & Evidence Management Techniques

Course Description

This course explores how a "networked" world has bred new crimes and new responses, and investigates how information and communication technology (ICT) has become a tool, a target, and a place of criminal activity and national security threats, as well as a mechanism of response. This course addresses such questions as how emerging technologies challenge existing laws and criminal procedures; how nation-states regulate criminal conduct across traditional geographic and political boundaries; what reasonable expectations of privacy are in cyberspace; and how control is shifting from traditional mechanisms of law enforcement to new regulatory regimes, including technology.

Specific topics covered include the information environment as crime scene; hacking and unauthorized access; computer use in traditional crimes like financial fraud, drug trafficking, extortion, securities fraud, and political terrorism; identity theft and online fraud; electronic interception, search and seizure, and surveillance, cyber terror, "hacktivism" censorship and free speech; economic espionage; and information warfare.

Target Audience

This program is designed specifically for Law enforcement professionals, Legal professionals, IT and information security professionals being tasked with investigations and incident handling or anyone with a desire to learn about Cyber Crime Investigation & Evidence Management Techniques.

Course Key Highlights

  • Cyber Extortion & Cyber Cheating
  • Cyber Warfare & Cyber Terrorism
  • Phishing & Hacking
  • Online Frauds
  • Malware Attacks
  • ATM Machine Fraud And Countermeasures
  • Payment Cards and Data Security
  • Electronic Card Frauds
  • Online Transaction Money Fraud

Course Duration

  • 40 Hours

Course Content

  • Introduction to Cyber Crime: Concepts and Techniques
  • Channels of Cyber Crimes
  • Cyber Crime Methods in Digital World
  • Computer Insecurity Evidences
  • Computer Hackers Important in Court Evidence
  • Computer Fraud Protection & Its Evidence Management
  • Incident of Cyber crimes
  • Online Transactions (Concepts, Emerging Trends and Legal Implications)
  • Payment Cards & Data Security Issues in Court Evidence etc
  • Modifying Evidences Information Gathering for Court Point of View
  • Way to Secure the Evidence in Healthy Manner
  • Countermeasures of Cyber Evidence in Digital World