• Codec is an integration of the best professionals, to give you a detailed and enhanced knowledge in the field of your choice. Being chosen as the best training institution for computer technologies for the past two years, Codec networks helps you become a skilful and efficient professional.
  • Dealing with the quality and quantity that you are provided with, Codec networks has all the modern equipment’s required for any training purpose, and makes you familiar with the same. Having a wide variety of courses to choose from, you can find yourself in a bush of in-depth knowledge, where you are provided with the best learning methods.
  • We offer you with the best and minimal cost for each course, and yearly discount packages which you can choose from. Also, you are provided six months period to reschedule your training course at any time, as per your convenience, making your course more flexible and light weighted.

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There are certain guidelines which must be followed if you want to opt out of a course. These guidelines are mentioned in the "refund policy" section. Kindly go through these guidelines.

  • There is a registration period for every course, specified on the website. This may wary from one month to one week prior to the start date of the course.
  • To find out about how to register, please check the "registration steps" section.

We accept all kinds of payments, including, online credit/debit cards, cheques, and cash.

40% of the fees will be collected on the day, you register for the course you have opted for. The rest 60% of the fees is has to be submitted, on the first day of the training.

Please check the "Refund Policy" section for applicable refunds.

Yes, the qualifications / certifications and carry the same recognition as a certification are valid throughout the world.


Yes, we can offer a flexible group training.

Yes, we offer live online training.