Cloud Computing Training Certification

With Codec Networks Big Data & Hadoop trainings, gain skills in data-driven business strategy and learn tools / techniques to Big Data Hadoop technology falls into four major roles: analysts, scientists, developer and administrator, its anticipated to grow by five-fold in next few years and will sense an increased temptation of great job prospects with big data sector.

Big Data or Hadoop is often characterized by 3Vs: the extreme volume of data, the wide variety of data types and the velocity at which the data must be processed. Big Data has grown in significance over the last few years because of the evasiveness of its application, across areas ranging from weather forecasting to analyzing business trends, fighting crime and preventing epidemics etc. Big data sets are so large that traditional data management tools are incapable of analyzing all the data effectively and processing valuable information out of it. Hadoop is an open source java framework that enables distributed parallel processing of large volume of data across servers which has emerged as the solution to extract potential value from all this data.

The need for big data velocity imposes unique demands on the underlying compute infrastructure. The computing power required to quickly process huge volumes and varieties of data can overwhelm a single server or server cluster. Organizations must apply adequate compute power to big data tasks to achieve the desired velocity. This can potentially demand hundreds or thousands of servers that can distribute the work and operate collaboratively.