Xamarin Framework Training

Xamarin Framework Training Certification

Course Description

Using Xamarin, anyone can now write apps which run on Android and iOS devices natively using C#. This way, C# allows us to target billions of extra devices using the language we all love. The experiences which users get from Xamarin-base apps is fully native: the apps aren't web-based, trimmed-down versions of the apps. Instead, they offer the full functionality of the platform they target.

The impact in terms of re-using code is huge. We can build an architecture with this cross-platform functionality in mind and construct it so that a lot (or maybe we should say: most) of our code can be re-used in Windows Phone, iOS and Android apps

In this course, you'll learn about the Xamarin environment. You'll learn about cross-platform development, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS.

This instructor-led training provides enables us to develop Native Mobile applications across multiple platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The course enables the participants to write Native looking user interfaces with C# and Xamarin Libraries.

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android are the two libraries that will be taught to develop iOS and Android Apps. Predominantly, the course participants will be using Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio (Microsoft) as the developer IDEs.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for programmers who are must have good understanding of C#/.NET programming concepts, OOPS concepts, basic knowledge of OS X usage and navigation (not mandatory).

Modules Covered

  • Introduction to cross-platform development with Xamarin
  • Cross-platform code-sharing approaches and architectural considerations
  • Building our first Xamarin.Android application
  • UI Development with Xamarin.Android
  • Programming Android
  • Deploying your Xamarin.Android apps
  • Building our first Xamarin.IOS application
  • Controllers in-depth
  • Views in-depth
  • Table and collection views
  • Programming Xamarin.iOS
  • Deploying your Xamarin.iOS applications
  • Introduction to Xamarin.Forms
  • XAML and data binding in Xamarin.Forms

Course Duration

  • Regular Track :5 Weeks (2 Hours/Day)
  • Weekend Track :5 Weekends (4 Hours/Day)

Kit Include

  • Training material (E books)
  • Discount Vouchers up to 15 - 25% for further training
  • Certificate of Excellence from Codec Networks

Post Training Program (Codec Networks Specialty)

  • Live Project Work
  • Hand-over Labs & Practical's Checklist for review