WhatsApp Forensic Analysis & Investigation

Course Description

WhatsApp Hack is all about WhatsApp Hacking and Security workshop. In this workshop we are going to cover some Biggest WhatsApp Vulnerability and Hacking Techniques. The main aim of this workshop is to give Technocrats a deep knowledge of WhatsApp hacking and how to protect your WhatsApp against hazardous effects .

Learn how your WhatsApp chat and activity can be hacked within seconds and how you can secure yourself from such attacks. Live demo how attacker delete your WhatsApp chat remotely. Learn how attacker Install backdoor in your WhatsApp by sending image or video in WhatsApp chat and security part. WhatsApp chat data recovery within seconds. Tracking and Monitoring WhatsApp activity of my phone.Lean how we configure multiple WhatsApp number in phone etc


This delivery of this program is only limited to Law enforcement agency (LEA) Professionals or anyone working closely on Investigation Cases.

Target Audience

This course is designed for specifically for Forensic Investigators, Law enforcement team and officers or anyone working closely on Investigation Cases.

Course Duration

  • 24 Hours

Course Content

  • Introduction and Basic features to WhatsApp
  • Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)
  • Working Mechanism of WhatsApp
  • Big Challenges in WhatsApp
  • Security Issues and Vulnerability in WhatsApp
  • Configure Multiple Numbers in WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Session Hijacking Attacks and Security
  • WhatsApp Hacking by Malware and Security
  • WhatsApp Monitoring & Spying Techniques and their Security
  • WhatsApp Scams and Security Methods
  • WhatsApp Password Security Bypass and Security Techniques
  • WhatsApp Security Implementation from User Ends
  • WhatsApp Data Recovery and Extraction from Phones
  • WhatsApp Messages, Photos, Video etc. Recovery Methods
  • WhatsApp Account Tracking Methods
  • WhatsApp Tracking with the Help of Social Media Sites
  • Find the Location of WhatsApp Users
  • WhatsApp Number Tracking in Internet
  • WhatsApp Users IP Tracking (If he/she is not using Internet by SIM)
  • Countermeasures of WhatsApp