Data Science / Analytic Training

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With Codec Networks' Data Science & Analytics training; gain skills in data-driven business strategy and learn tools/techniques to Analytics technology falls into four major: analysts, scientists, developer and administrator, its anticipated to grow by five-fold in next few years and will sense an increased temptation of great job prospects with big data sector.

Job oriented Data Science certification course to learn data science and machine learning using Python! Python which once was considered as general programming language has emerged as a star of the Data Science world in recent years, owing to the flexibility it offers for end to end enterprise wide analytics implementation. This data science training covers data handling, visualisation, statistical modelling and machine learning effectively with practical examples and case studies making it one of the most practical Python training. Even if you are looking for live Data Science oriented Python training in Delhi NCR this is just the right course.

With this comprehensive R training learn hand-on skills on Data Science with R - the golden boy of Data Science! Over past several years R has garnered immense popularity among Data Science practitioners and it is no surprise that R language is often as referred as lingua franca of Data Science! This Data Science R course effectively covers basic data analytics, statistical predictive modeling and machine learning through various practical examples and projects.