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Cyber Forensic Investigation & Cyber Fraud Management Services

The CODEC Networks Cyber Forensic Services provide a comprehensive overview and assessment of your deception environment. Leveraging deep experience and best practice knowledge, we will review, assess and then identify key forensic evidence to provide insight into the path of an attack, the signature of the attackers, their tools used within your environment, and document evidence in terms of discovered and associated log file entries in detail..

Forensic Services Benefits

  • Continuous advanced network threats are discovered and analysed rapidly by our experts.
  • Experts with advanced technology and tools triage the domain to quickly identify the specific damage caused by the attacker and document it.
  • Memory is imaged and subject to both static and dynamic analysis to clearly identify threats and the damage they caused.
  • Logs are expertly analysed to better document a suspect attack, the staging points it utilized, and the timeline of execution
  • We bring important analysis and conclusions to focus quickly and at efficient costs

Core area of expertise

In an investigation where fraud was committed by ex-employees. Thousands of documents were received, key data was quickly extracted from these documents which identified a financial trail that was traced by our experts.

Threating emails were received by a company employees. The emails were traced back to the sender.

Our experts examine and preserve the evidence on the computer where the emails was received. The sender’s computer was then examined and evidence preserved. The threating e-mails were located and the sender was identified..

Wherever corporate or financial fraud is suspected, regardless of jurisdiction, CODEC Networks investigate the circumstances surrounding questionable activity. Using effective fact-finding strategies in our fraud investigations that may include interviews of employees, identification of non-employee witnesses, , retrieval and analysis of critical documents and data, and an effective risk mitigation strategy.

  • Harassment Via E-mails.
  • Blackmailing Cyber Cases
  • Unauthorized Control/Access System
  • Email Hacking Cases
  • Email Spoofing
  • Online Cheating and Fraud
  • Internet Time thefts
  • Distribution of Pirated Software
  • Identity theft & Hacking
  • Fake Profile Tracking
  • Compromised Customer Data
  • Unlawful Access to Company Data
  • Employee & Corporate Monitoring
  • Employee Investigation
  • Cyber Stalking, Harassment and threats
  • Detection of Internet offenders
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Computer & Network Forensics
  • Incidence & Emergency Response Services
  • Forensic imaging of various digital storage devices
  • Data and Password Recovery
  • Investigating Internet Crimes
  • Physical and Logical Media Analysis
  • Corrupt Operating System Data Retrieval
  • Digital Fraud Investigations
  • E-Discovery & Content Analysis

Our Experience

Our Support and Service team through our partner and vendor have many years of experience supporting large scale enterprise customers. Our professionals have leading-edge, hands-on experience in cyber warfare and threat mitigation.

We help you win because we’re always on the cutting edge of new security technology, tactics, and the best practices that support them. We know from experience how to leverage the power of deception technology to maximize your defensive advantage against cyber attackers.

Our Support Mission

Our mission is to enable people and businesses entities to keep network infrastructures and critical assets safe and from attackers, helping ensure freedom from disruptions and financial impacts. We create the finest cyber-defense technology, solutions, and services in the world. Moreover, we are committed to work relentlessly to deliver technology that becomes essential to our customers, and we will strive to exceed your expectations with outstanding service and support..

Forensic Services Benefits

  • Fraud Investigation
  • Email Investigation
  • Financial Fraud Investigation
  • Cyber Forensic Consulting
  • Cyber Forensic Services

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