SOC as a Service for Security Information and Event Management

Security Operation Centre (SOC) as a Service for Security Information and Event Management

We provides round-the-clock proactive event monitoring with prioritized alert notification & threat mitigation reference upon identifying threats that are attempting to compromise customers’ IT environment.

Core Area of Expertise

We provide comprehensive real-time monitoring of both the physical and IT infrastructure and round-theclock response to any security Breaches that may occur.

The Insider Threat Monitoring service uses a multi-tiered an approach to identify high-value targets and keep track of the activities of different groups of users in order to identify, monitor and respond to different levels of insider threats.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Monitoring integrates and centralizes security information from all plausible points of entry within the process control network. The information is then correlated to detect, identify and provide alerts on cyber-attacks, enabling system owners to come up with a timely response..

The Security Device Management service covers on-site deployment and management of security devices and solutions such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), unified threat management (UTM) appliances, network intrusion detection systems (NIDS) and patch management systems.

This service provides a rapid response to a security incident by locating it, analysing its impact and quarantining the affected network node. This dramatically reduces the downstream impact on the customer environment.

Main Business challenges / Typical Customer Drivers

  • What would be the impact to customer business if there’s a data compromise or malicious outbreak?
  • Enterprises having lack of IT Security Personnel and Resources to perform 24x7 proactive monitoring to prevent compromising of confidential data
  • Enterprise that are subjected to regulatory compliance or governance

The need to monitor proactively

  • Growing and evolving threats that pose economic impact to businesses
  • Understand and monitors the security posture of IT environment
  • Ability to react and respond to threats before it becomes big

Benefits to clients

  • Paradigm Shift from Incident Response to Proactive Monitoring 24 x 7 Monitoring to ensure critical threats can be identified and mitigated before it happens
  • Accredited Infrastructure Adopt processes and practices that are aligned to industry best standards
  • Specialized Security Team Support by consultants specializing in areas of audit, risk assessment, security review, etc.
  • Improve Compliance Deliver real-time security protection, reduce security risk and helps customer to demonstrate compliance and regulatory.
  • Threat Prioritization Prioritize & amplify key threats with critical business impacts so that immediate actions can be taken to mitigate
  • Full Proof Support Model Rapid incidence response to contain security incidents.

Forensic Services Benefits

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Monitoring
  • Insider Threat Monitoring
  • Process System Control/SCADA Monitoring
  • Security Device Management
  • Rapid Threat Containment

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