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(Manufacturing Units, Oils And Gas, Electricity Boards, Mining, Etc.)

For Corporate sectors like Energy, Manufacturing and other Critical Infrastructures, Data is a highly valuable commodity to more precisely estimate market demand, enhance customer experience, and improve the operational efficiency of your business. Information is driving transformation.

Codec Networks with our Security experts and a broad range of technology and system integration services, help you protect your Data and Networks Infrastructure, and make your business complies with regulatory requirements and safeguard from new cyber security threats.

Codec Networks Cyber Security Services for Industrial Automation and Control Systems improve the security of your SCADA systems and pass your audit Compliance with regulations on critical infrastructure protection.

Codec Networks Managed SIEM Services is an IT Security & Fraud Management Platform designed to pro-actively collect information from all your IT systems, applications, users and external intelligence data feeds into a centralized data warehouse. It provides an analysis and intelligence layer allowing you to concentrate on the important issues and let you act upon the information to rapidly resolve incidents and show compliance to regulations.

  • Security Information Event management (SIEM)
  • IT asset incident remediation
  • Cyber intelligence
  • IT asset management

Our Technology Solution Partners

For Finance industry clients, Codec Networks offers integrated and most economical security products and services from leading technology partners.

  • ALLOT - Bandwidth management
  • RSA-DLP, RSA - Archer / Netwitness
  • Mobile Device Management

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