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In Banking, Online Retail, NBFC and other financial Industries, a customer's financial information is precious to both consumers and the organizations against target.

A proactive approach to risk management is essential to effectively deal with the risks and threats regularly faced by financial institutions from cyber criminals.

Codec Networks help our clients, protect precious client data with adequate Solutions for the finance industry.

  • MANAGED SIEM SERVICES : protect, identify and resolve incidents that adversely impact financial institutions, including cybercrime and online fraud.
  • ANTI-FRAUD SERVICES : aimed at detecting and responding to the increasing number of cybercrime incidents that threaten organizations.
  • GLBA AND PCI-DSS COMPLIANCE : Comprehensive consulting services to ensure compliance Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Payment Card Industry standard (PCI DSS Compliance) and ensure proactively protect customer data.


Step 1 : Find the threats in your environment and mitigate IT Risk

Codec Networks find the assets in your infrastructure-physical and virtual-and scan them all for vulnerabilities, malware exposure and misconfigurations. Armed with this information we Protect systems and data from risks of new technologies and emerging threats like :

  • Vulnerabilities introduced by mobile or rogue devices
  • Web application vulnerabilities
  • Configuration and patch problems
  • Exploitable systems
  • Data leakage

Codec Networks maintains the updated vulnerability and compliance information to circumvent the treats with the changing risk environment.

Step 2 : Prioritize critical vulnerabilities and automate Audit and Reporting

Codec Networks help prioritize the most critical and imminently-dangerous vulnerabilities. And make remediation plans with Metasploit to verify that vulnerabilities found during a scan that actually exploitable in your environment. This helps our clients with remediation reports, put critical, proven threats first.

Codec Networks help automate a wide range of compliance reporting and audit activities for a variety of regulations, including :

  • PCI audit, reporting, and compliance
  • SOX-based reporting and compliance
  • SANS Consensus Audit Guidelines
  • Center for Information Security (CIS) policies

Our Technology Solution Partners

For Finance industry clients, Codec Networks offers integrated and most economical security products and services from leading technology partners to circumvent your operations from business threats.


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