Cyber Fraud & Prevention Techniques (BFSI Industry)

Course Description

Protecting public funds is a high priority for all governments. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) regulates and defines the responsibilities of counterparties in business and banking transactions. The UCC states that, in certain situations, liability and monetary loss in a fraudulent transaction is split between the counterparties in a transaction based on each party’s due diligence and negligence. Consequently, to reduce liability in the event of a fraudulent transaction, it is important to have proper controls in place.

Advances in technology have reduced the effectiveness of traditional fraud prevention techniques and have even enabled new forms of fraud. For example, in the past, many governments relied upon physical security features embedded in check stock to prevent check fraud. These included watermarks, unique colours, and graphical designs.

Advanced duplication technology and remote deposit capture have reduced the effectiveness of these physical measures to prevent fraud

Target Audience

This program is designed specifically for BFSI (Banking) Sector and employees but also helps anyone IT/Security Professional, Forensic Investigators, Law enforcement team and officers or anyone working closely on banking related Investigation Cases.

Course Key Highlights

  • Cyber Extortion & Cyber Cheating (Live Demo & Cases)
  • Cyber Warfare & Cyber Terrorism (Live Demo & Cases)
  • Phishing & Hacking (Live Demo & Cases)
  • Online Frauds (Live Demo & Cases)
  • Malware Attacks (Live Demo & Cases)
  • ATM Machine Fraud And Countermeasures (Live Cases)
  • Payment Cards and Data Security (Live Cases)
  • Electronic Card Frauds (Live Demo & Cases)
  • Online Transaction Money Fraud (Live Demo & Cases)

Course Duration

  • 24 Hours

Course Content

  • Cyber Crime Overview
  • Protection System under Computer Frauds
  • Online Transaction
  • Cyber Law and Regulatory Compliance

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