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Codec Networks's endpoint management and security solutions are based upon a policy-framework that assures desired IT security postures are consistently and continuously enforced throughout the enterprise.

Our solutions are used across a wide range of industries to address endpoint security, IT operations and compliance challenges and to provide crucial visibility into an organization's IT environment.

  • Proactive and Complete Protection to Ensure a Trusted Endpoint Environment
  • Solid endpoint protection requires a proactive and complete approach. Whitelisting combined with AV provides true defens-in-depth and is flexible enough to balance user productivity and convenience with enterprise security needs.
  • Allows only authorized applications to run so endpoints are fully protected from malware and unknown threats with no need to rely on outdated antivirus signature updates.
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  • Application Control : Policy-based enforcement of application use to secure your endpoints from malware, spyware and unwanted or unlicensed software.
  • Anti Virus Management : Streamline and improve manageability of third party protection against all malware, including viruses, Trojans, spyware and adware with using a single console infrastructure.
  • Anti Malware Engine : Transform to an integrated proactive defense against malicious virus, worms and spyware attacks using industry leading anti-Malware engine with real-time visibility and control.
  • Personal Firewall : Enhance personal protection with differentiated access policies based on Endpoint's security posture that is location- aware. Policies remain in force regardless of network connectivity for continuous protection.
  • Endpoint access control : Assurance that only End points conforming to the corporate access policies are allowed connection with an always-on self-assessment and enforcement infrastructure.
  • Device and Content encryption.

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