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Codec NETWORK OFFERS LATEST TECHNOLOGY AUDIT: SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS As your employees bring in the latest and greatest smartphones and tablets to access company data, this device diversity presents a challenge for you to determine their trustworthiness.

Codec Networks has mobile risk management solution that automatically performs a mobile risk assessment of all the devices in your organization and provides easy-to-use tools to eliminate these risks.

Codec Networks has our mobile application security service which provides in depth security testing of mobile applications to conform to high security standards. We test the application for vulnerabilities and provide a detailed report with proof of concept.

Web and Mobile Application Penetration Assessments both involve simulating real-world attacks to provide a current view of vulnerabilities and threats to the web and mobile application.

  • Web and mobile application penetration testing begin with a discovery process our mobile-platform appropriate tools and utilities to develop a baseline profile of accessible services, ports and systems as targets for further penetration testing
  • Once a baseline of information is gathered, Codec Networks uses Metasploit Pro and other platform specific tools for web and mobile application penetration testing to attempt to
  • Identify weaknesses in the default installation
  • Bypass authentication and authorization mechanisms
  • Escalate privileges
  • Access and modify data or data presentation
  • Identify security weaknesses leading to inappropriate access, unintended application use, and loss of data integrity
  • Attack vectors used in our mobile and web application penetration testing services include
  • Data Validation (SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, buffer overflows, etc.)
  • Session Management
  • Access controls (authentication and authorization controls)
  • Use of Cryptography
  • Use of third-party components (patching, configuration errors, et cetera)
  • Our Advantages

    Codec Networks Web and mobile application penetration testing provides you with

  • An understanding of real-world risks posed to the organization from the perspective of an attacker, going beyond the limitations of automated scanning.
  • A prioritized risk rating that takes multiple business-driven criteria into account.
  • Direct communication with an offensive security expert with years of industry experience and with direct access to the product team of the most widely used penetration testing framework.


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