Well, talking about Artificial Intelligence many of you have a misconception about Artificial Intelligence is the technology that was made to replace humans. Really! Really, you think so, According to me Artificial Intelligence was developed and it is continuing to be developed to enhance our life. Its so called purpose it augmenting our life and enhance our skills in our day to day lives.

What is AI?

AI is a branch of Computer Science where we try to develop the computer system to make decision like livings ones as humans and can easily work in the environment such as visual perception, decision-making and many more.

Well the idea of AI came into existence in 20th Century, however in the 21st century, we did a lot of progress by inventing machines and introduction to new branches in the field of Computer Sciences. Introduction of algorithms to solve the basic problem was an initiative towards the AI. By the time passed we continued to develop multiple algorithms and more complex algorithms were used to implement the concept of Artificial Intelligence. This concept was now slowly introduced to machines around us which is known as Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms. Now after knowing this much, we can say that Machine Learning (ML) is a sub part of Artificial Intelligence .

Whole point comes to AI in making new kind of brain that can take any better decision than us. The decision which we cannot take, AI can take that decision easily such as prediction of diabetes, prediction of sales and many more.

Stages of AI:

  1. AI -: This level of intelligence will allow us to automate on our current jobs. This can be achieved in 25 yrs. Our jobs can be replaced from manufacturing, driving, self-driven cars, etc.

AGI -: Artificial General Intelligence is next level of AI. This level will help us to do much better things. All the analysis can be done through AGI. New way of getting more accurate things would be possible to us that how we’ll be able to take much better and efficient decision of our life. We would be able to make our new models within hours rather than days or months. Chemical analysis would be much easier to find much

  1. better option or other successful drug that can cure or can help us in some or the other way.

This AGI technique would be more successful in 55yrs to 60rys

Knowledge Explosion -: This is the point where AI will surpass human intelligence

 ASI -: This is the maximum level of intelligence that can be attained. This agent will have the God level of capabilities such as Interstellar space travel. This is known as Artificial Superscalar Intelligence. We will be able to learn the data which doesn’t exist, virtual data . This can be achieved in 1000 yrs.

 Yes, in the upcoming years Artificial Intelligence will be one best things that has been invented by humans and would ever last and would be a boon to humanity.


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