How To Use Varargs Variable Argument Methods.

Until 1.4 version we can’t declare a method with variable number of arguments. If there is a change in number of arguments compulsory we should go for new method. It increases length of the code and reduce readability. To overcome this problem sun people introduce var-arg methods in 1.5 version, according to this we can declare a method which can take variable number of arguments. Such type of methods are called var-arg methods.



We can declare a var-arg method as follows

M1(int… x)

We can call this method by any number of argument.



Internally var-arg parameter will be converted into one dimensional array hence within the var-arg method we can differentiate values by using index.

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Some possibilities and not allowed syntax in var-arg method

  1. We can mix var-arg parameter with normal parameter. Example


  1. Inside var-arg method we can take only one var-arg parameter and we can’t take more than one var-arg Example


  1. If we mix var-arg parameter with normal parameter then var-arg parameter should be last parameter.



In this example we use var-arg parameter before String type parameter so we will get compile time error.



In this example we use String type var-arg method after char type parameter so this works fine

  1. Inside a class we can’t declare var-arg method and corresponding one dimensional array method simultaneously otherwise we will get compile time error.


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