Tips To Keep Your Android Phone Secure

Smart phones   become an essential part of human life. Smart phones contain all types of information about user. If you lost your smart phone then you loss not only contacts and phone number but also loss your social media accounts, your synced files, important documents, your emails, photos and messages.

Your entire personal information can be disclosed or share all over the world wide web if you are not careful enough. Hackers can hack any smart phone easily if user is not aware. It is in user’s hand to keep their personal information and data secure.

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There are some easy and important steps by which you can safe your mobile data.

1) Do Not Save All of Your Passwords

Many users save their passwords to banking websites or other online services       on their device. They don’t think that if any other person will use their mobile then he/she can easily use that saved passwords. So always avoid saving the passwords in mobile especially when you use banking or payment applications.

2.) Use Android In-built Security

Every android phones contain many types of security features. There are many types of screen lock available in android settings like password, pins, pattern lock and face unlock. User should be set strong password so no one can easily guess passwords.

3) Lock Your Apps

Android user should always lock their applications in android phone so that if any person steals your phone and he/she bypass the screen lock but due to lock of applications that person could not access that locked applications. This type of security is called second level security.

It is not necessary to lock every application but only lock email apps and file manager or other important apps. Many app lockers are present in play store but user should use the app after checking the ranks, feedbacks and permissions.


4)  The importance of app permissions

You should always check the permissions before installing the app from play store. The application should take permission related to it’s task if application want to use many permissions which is not related to it’s task, it means that app can be dangerous or harmful for your device. For example alarm app does not require a permission to access your text messages

You can read feedbacks and ratings before downloading any application to know about actual working of app.

5) Securing Your Network

One of the most important  thing to protect the android device is secure your network. Always avoid public wifi when you are doing any important work like online banking. In public wifi hacker can easily sniff out your packets and  convert  in simple text format of your personel information like your login id and password.

6) Make sure unkown sourse setting is disabled

If any third party malicious app try to install in android device then it is necessary that Unknown Sources setting is enabled so always disable this setting so that third party application cannot install without user permission. Mostly third party apps contain malicious code. User should be aware to install third party applications.


7) Prepare A Backup Of Your Data

Always user should create a backup of the data store in android device. You can create a backup on cloud or in hard disk. If you retrieve your stolen phone but it may be possible that all data in android device are cleaned. So if you have backup of your data then you can still restore in android device and get back its original state.

8) Track Your Lost Device

You can track your lost device if GPS is enable in your device. There are many apps which can trace your lost device using GPS technique. Some apps can enable GPS on your android device remotely.


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