NMAP: Network Mapper (Scan Your Network and Know your Vulnerabilities)

Nmap is world’s leading network Discovery and Security Auditing tool used in the Scanning and Enumeration during the initial stages of pentesting.
It is mostly used by Network Administrators for checking unauthorized server or for computers that do not confirm security standards.IT is an online port scanner which scans our perimeter network devices and servers as an outsider’s perspective. It is used to discover services on internet running system. It is a powerful tool which can scan huge networks with hundreds of machines and more. It is well documented and portable can be used with most of the operating systems.
Movie lovers you will be happy to know that Nmap has also made its appearance in the movies like The Matrix Reloaded, Bourne ultimatum, Snowden, Die Hard 4 and many more.
Nmap command is also used in the video game Hacknet.Hacknet is a “Hacking Game” with real hacking.
Features of Nmap
• Host Discovery
• Port Scanning on Target Host
• Version Detection
• Operating System Detection
• Firewall detection of the target network
And many more

Nmap is a very common tool, it is available in both command line and Graphical User Interface. It sends crafted packets to the target network and analyses the response to gather the information.
Let’s see some examples

This is a TCP scan as a result of which open TCP ports of the target system are exposed.

Operating System detection scan.

UDP scan for the target system

Acknowledgment Scan to check the status of firewall

Nmap Scan at specific ports

Top ports scanning with Nmap

See just by having an IP one can find out so many loopholes in a system and sometimes get connected remotely. What if that person is a black hat hacker. How could you protect the information?
As we have computer networks everywhere be it home, small or big enterprise or any WIFI network, the need for security is always there. Nmap is used in the organization as a prominent tool by for various purposes like Network Security and Administration to check out the vulnerabilities and open ports. A good System Administrator has to up-to-date about the system which he is managing and there is no better tool than Nmap. For Penetration testers, too Nmap plays a crucial role as one can perform various kind of scan to test the status of the network. In this era of where everyone is connected to the Internet, one should know about the defenses as well.
Codec Networks is a leading Information Security Service provider in a B2B domain which uses Penetration testing for The Web, Network and Application Security Testing. NMAP is extensively used by Network Security Specialists in Codec Networks as a part of deep penetration testing.
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As the name says it all Coding Networks, Decoding Threats.


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