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Use of ARRAY in Java

Java contains a data structure which is called array. An array is a container object which stores the elements of the same type and fix size. The length of the array is defined at the time of the array creation and after creation, its length is fixed. In short, the array is a collection of the variable of the same type.

For using an Array in a program, first, declare the array with its data type and length and then can be used in the program.

For example:—-

Array declaration:

int[] mytest = new int[10];

here int is the data type, my test is array name and int[10] defines its length. Array always starts from 0 to length of the index. In this example, my test stores 10 integer values and the indices are from 0 to 9.

Array Java Training In Delhi

Here is a complete example showing how to create, initialize, and process arrays:

How to Create Initialize Process ArraysArrays Process in Java Training Course


Total is 11.7
Max is 3.5

It is a program to show how to use an array like declares the array, adding the array and finding the largest element from the array in java.

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