EC-Council has recently announced major revisions to several of their training certification programs. During the presentation of the release of C|EH v10, the President of EC-Council, (Jay Bavisi) made it clear that he wants students to obtain real application-based skills and be able to demonstrate those abilities.

In the revamp of the C|EH, EC-Council has made a clear path towards mastery of penetration testing. C|EH v10 takes v9 to the next level. The C|EH v10 has included several new modules to further assist students in becoming more “offensive” oriented, rather than “defensive” and reactionary.

The first change is the inclusion of a vulnerability analysis (VA) module. Instead of being included in another module, vulnerability analysis becomes its own module. This includes methodology, various tools and techniques, and ways to ensure your organization maintains a robust VA environment. By having an entire module on VA, this aligns with the importance stressed in ensuring a thorough vulnerability analysis/remediation environment.

Next, EC-Council added an entire module on Malware Analysis. While not an in-depth exploration of the topic, a methodology of how to go about doing malware analysis, and what tools to use, is now included in the C|EH curriculum. By doing some reverse engineering on these problems, students get more hands-on experience in some coding techniques. CEH Training in Delhi is available at Codec Networks to make you get expert in the ethical hacking.

An additional modules, Internet of Things (IoT) is the last module that was added. This includes some IoT topic discussion, various IoT platform attacks, and tools for attack.

Other changes are subtle and may not be known to students. These include having their exams be ANSI certified. Since v8, all C|EH exams meet ANSI certification requirements; v10 is no exception. Also, the course content of the C|EHv10 maps to NICE v2.0 requirements. The biggest take-away of the changes includes an additional exam as part of the C|EH environment. Starting with v10, there is the core exam that shows a student understands the C|EH material. However, a separate exam, called the C|EHv10 Practical, is now offered as a separate exam. This exam is an “above and beyond” mastery skill exam of the C|EH. This exam is a six-hour exam which is comprised of virtual labs and questions, (all via a proctor), to ensure that the candidate has a higher understanding of the topics and techniques taught during the C|EH. By taking this exam in conjunction with the regular C|EH examination, you can show that you understand the concepts, and have working mastery, of the content of the course.

C|EHv10 becomes available on April 1, 2018. Codec Network Security trainers are equipped to provide the new training curriculum at that time. We are very excited with these overhauls and look forward to providing quality training to our students! Classroom Training for CEH Training Certification in Delhi|NCR is available at Codec Networks.

Following are the updates in CEH v10.

  1. CEH (Practical) Exam
  2. ANSI Accreditation
  3. IoT Hacking
  4. Cloud computing threats and attacks
  5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  6. Vulnerability Analysis
  7. Malware Analysis Process
  8. Full Compliance with NICE 2.0 Framework.
  9. Emphasis on practical approach, The Training time is divided in 60:40 between learning and practical’s.
  10. Latest versions of OS, tools and techniques like Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 with Domain controller, firewalls.

If you have basic knowledge, then pass Certified Ethical Hacker exam is not a

CEH v9

  • Existing version
  • Contains 18 modules
  • Cover 2200 tools
  • 270 attack technology explained
  • Exam: Theory


CEH v10

  • Advanced version
  • Contains 20 modules . 2  extra modules are included
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • LOT hacking
  • Emerging attack vectors- Cloud, AI
  • Hacking challeng on each module
  • Update latest malware
  • Cover 2285 tools
  • 340 attack technology explained
  • Exam: Theory :: pratical:60::40


Codec Networks provides IT Trainings from EC Council CEH ECSA, LPT, CHFI, Network Security, Penetration Testing, ISACA, ISC2, PECB ISO 27001LA LI, Cisco Networking CCNA CCNP, Linux Administration RHCE, Prog Languages JAVA, Advanced Java, android development. We also offer B2B Industry Solutions and Services in IT | Information|Cyber Security in Delhi NCR India.

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