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Monthly Highlights | March 2019
Instance based machine learning
What is cross site scripting attack ?
You must have ever heard that a trusted website gets injected with a malicious script attack. Generally people refer this as a “Cross Site Scripting” attack. “The XSS is an attack in which attacker inject some malicious code (java script or html) into the input field or in address bar of the webpage”...
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Features of Python
What is VLAN?
A VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a logical collection of devices such as workstations, servers and network devices that are grouped together in the manner such that they appear to be on the same LAN despite their geographical distribution .VLANs can be locally significant or be trunked over multiple layer 2 devices....
Performance in Face Verification
Python List Comprehension
Python List Comprehen-sion is the idea that is not common in most of the language. It is basically used to generate a list of elements having some property. More over, Python Comprehension make code smaller but effective. The structure consist of Python List Comprehension three
How BIG is Big Data
Network security – Greatest demand in IT industry
Network security has become the biggest issue with the networking growing every day. The whole world is on the internet and needs to be secured in every technical way possible. CISCO network security course is the entry level training...
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