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Monthly Highlights | September 2018
How an effective ISO 27001 can help you achieve GDPR?
ISO 27001: 2013 is Information Security Management System (ISMS). This is an international standard which has framework of policies and procedures that includes all technical, physical, legal and administrative controls involved in an organisation’s information risk management processes...
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This month highlights
State of Surveillance in India
When the Indian government announced it would start a Centralized Monitoring System in 2009 to monitor telecommunications in the country, the public seemed unconcerned. When the government announced that the system, also known as C.M.S., commenced in April, the news didn’t receive much attention. After a person at the Centre for Internet and Society...
Create a message box in Python
The programming language you will learn is Python. Python is an example of a highlevel language; other high-level languages you might have heard of are C, C++, Perl, and Java. There are also low-level languages, sometimes referred to as “machine languages” or “assembly languages.” Loosely speaking, computers can only run programs written in low-level languages. So programs written in a high-level language..
Network docu-mentation and other regulatory requirements for PCI-DSS standards
Tweet Organisations are required to build and maintain a secured network for PCI-DSS standard. This includes secure configuration for network devices like firewall and routers. Organisations can prevent unauthorized access to payment systems by leveraging security...
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