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Monthly Highlights | January 2019
Instance based machine learning
Instance Based Machine Learning
Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence that generates programs for computer to access data and analyze it. Based on this analysis, the system automatically learns and improvises itself. Machine Learning is the study of certain set of rules using statistical and logical approach to solve a particular problem....
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Features of Python
Features of Python
Python is a programming language. Which can be used in any operating system, Python is having wide range of application from web development, scientific & mathematical computing to graphical interface. Python was discovered by Guido Van Rossum in 1980s and it was first announced in 1994, it was named Python from the series of comedy Monty Python’s Flying Circus....
Performance in Face Verification
Working with Text Files in Python the Basics
We’re going to learn the fundamentals of operating with text files in Python Training. What is the significance of Python file handling? And how to read files, how to write data to them, and why files should be locked. 1) Importance of reading and writing text files....

How BIG is Big Data
Interacting With Python
Since you have a working Python arrangement, you’ll perceive how to really execute Python code and run Python programs. Before the finish of this article, you’ll know how to: a)Use Python intelligently by composing code legitimately into the translator. b)Execute......

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