Malware Attacks


Course Description

This course explores how a "networked" world has bred new crimes and new responses, and investigates how information and communication technology (ICT) has become a tool, a target, and a place of criminal activity and national security threats, as well as a mechanism of response. This course addresses such questions as how emerging technologies challenge existing laws and criminal procedures; how nation-states regulate criminal conduct across traditional geographic and political boundaries; what reasonable expectations of privacy are in cyberspace; and how control is shifting from traditional mechanisms of law enforcement to new regulatory regimes, including technology.

Specific topics covered include the information environment as crime scene; hacking and unauthorized access; computer use in traditional crimes like financial fraud, drug trafficking, extortion, securities fraud, and political terrorism; identity theft and online fraud; electronic interception, search and seizure, and surveillance, cyber terror, "hacktivism" censorship and free speech; economic espionage; and information warfare.

Target Audience

  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Security Professionals
  • Technology Evangelist
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Penetration Tester
  • Anyone Interested in Banking Industry Security Standards like PCI-DSS Compliance

Course Key Highlights

  • Cyber Extortion & Cyber Cheating
  • Cyber Warfare & Cyber Terrorism
  • Phishing & Hacking
  • Online Frauds
  • Malware Attacks
  • ATM Machine Fraud And Countermeasures
  • Payment Cards and Data Security
  • Electronic Card Frauds
  • Online Transaction Money Fraud

Course Duration

  • 24 Hours

Course Content

  • Introduction to Cyber Crime: Concepts and Techniques
  • Channels of Cyber Crimes
  • Cyber Crime Methods in Digital World
  • Computer Insecurity Evidences
  • Computer Hackers Important in Court Evidence
  • Computer Fraud Protection & Its Evidence Management
  • Incident of Cyber crimes
  • Online Transactions (Concepts, Emerging Trends and Legal Implications)
  • Payment Cards & Data Security Issues in Court Evidence etc
  • Modifying Evidences Information Gathering for Court Point of View
  • Way to Secure the Evidence in Healthy Manner
  • Countermeasures of Cyber Evidence in Digital World