Will Certified Penetration Testing Ever Rule the World?

Certified Penetration Testing We often hear the term “Ethical Hacker” or “Penetration Testers,” but who are they? Many companies employ penetration testers to improve data security by distinguishing and rectifying framework shortcomings before criminal programmers can abuse these shortcomings. This precaution measure brings down organizations’ danger of real digital assaults, which can harm organization accountsRead More

Top 10 Popular Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) Tools

Top 10 Popular Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) Tools

Certified Ethical Hacking – CEH Training tools facilitate a military operation, making back doors and payloads, cracking passwords, ANd an array of different activities. during this article, we’ll be discussing the highest ten moral hacking tools. • Acunetix • Nmap • Metasploit • Wireshark • Nikto • John the ripper • Kismet • SQLninja • Wapiti • Canvas Let us Discuss all The Popular Certified Ethical HackingRead More

Shelve in Python

What is Shelve? In simple words, We can save variables in our python programs to binary shelf files. So, Shelve in Python is used as a simple persistent storage for the arbitrary Python objects which can be pickled, using a dictionary-like API. We use shelve module in Python, that helps to implement the persistent storage.Read More