A “Chain Reactor” Towards a Brighter Future – It’s Python

Python, A high level programming, next generation language and considered most one of the most popular programming. The demand amongst programmers increased rapidly in past few couple of years due to its open source and being on Top 10 high-level language. Python allows writing codes which are object oriented, functional and imperative in design.

The most popular areas for python implementations are Data Science, Machine Learning and Academic Research. Python Programming is must for Linux Admin and Automation Testing Professionals. Also Python is used in Database Programming and can be used to develop complex website & systems.

Python towards the Brighter and Secured Path…check below how it is affecting the market?

  • Voted as most favorite programming language beating C, C++ and java programing and used to develop almost every kind of application.
  • Big brands and search engine giants are using python programming to make their task easier. Google, Yahoo, Quora, Facebook are using python programming to solve their complex programming problems.
  • Versatile, Robust and Comprehensive. Easy to learn as well as it reduces the coding effort compare to other programming languages.
  • Used to write test scripts and test mobile devices performance. Python programmers are most demandable in IT industry these days and get paid more compare to other language programmer.
  • Helps solve complex problem quickly and integrate with system more effectively. Python is used in lots of environment like system development, networking, database development, Device and automation testing and many more thus python skill is must as a programmer to grow in career.
  • Python skill professionals are always more in demand and get paid more compare to other programmers.

Thus future of Python programming language is bright and secured.

Let’s overlook the environmental scan of Python in the leading industries where we will find the abrupt demand and the most desired requirement of python language exists.


As we can observe, clear existence of python requirement and implementation, we now can expect the growth of python developers in near future. The latest data from Stack Overflow Registered Users will give an immense thought of the new generation developers.

What is Machine Learning and why it is so cool??

Machine learning is the modern science of finding patterns and making predictions from data based on work in multivariate statistics, data mining, pattern recognition, and advanced/predictive analytics and it is the subset of Artificial Intelligence and again has the intersection with many fields including math and psychology.

Machine learning may sound futuristic, but it is not. Speech recognition systems such as Cortana or Search in e-commerce systems have already showed us the benefits and challenges that go hand in hand with these systems. In our machine learning series we introduced you to several tools that make all this possible.

Reasons why it is so cool :

  • The power of a well constructed machine learning approach to a problem far exceeds that of a (human) individual, and even a team.
  • It removes any psychological biases when analyzing data.
  • It gets more powerful the more data (and time) you give it.

“Google’s self-driving cars and robots get a lot of press, but the company’s real future is in machine learning, the technology that enables computers to get smarter and more personal.”

– Eric Schmidt (Google Chairman)

As a beginner, you can start with Python and move to other languages once you get the command of that. Python language is one of the most flexible languages and can be used for various purposes. Python has gained huge popularity base of this. Python does contain special libraries for machine learning namely scipy and numpy which great for linear algebra and getting to know kernel methods of machine learning. The language is great to use when working with machine learning algorithms and has easy syntax relatively. For beginners, this is the best language to use and to start with.

If your first ever contact with programming is through machine learning, then you can choose Codec Networks  is Best for Python Training in Delhi as the best option, given its wealth of libraries and ease of use. You can stil find it helpful enough if,on the other hand, you’re dreaming of a job. Whatever the case, these are exciting times for machine learning and the journey is guaranteed to be a mind-blowing one, irrespective of the language you opt for. Enjoy the ride!



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