A VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a logical collection of devices such as workstations, servers and network devices that are grouped together in the manner such that they appear to be on the same LAN despite their geographical distribution. VLANs can be locally significant or be trunked over multiple layer 2 devices. VLANs areRead More


What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence that generates programs for computer to access data and analyze it. Based on this analysis, the system automatically learns and improvises itself. Machine Learning is the study of certain set of rules using statistical and logical approach to solve a particular problem. TheseRead More

Exploit Windows 8.1 using Media Centre Vulnerability (MCL)-MS15_100 With Metasploit–2017

NOTE: THIS POST IS ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. This post is about Microsoft Windows Media Centre MCL vulnerability. In this Post we discuss about MCL(MS15-100) vulnerability and exploit this vulnerability to compromise the windows 8.1 pro. The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if Windows Media Center opens aRead More

Python List Comprehension

Python List Comprehension is the idea that is not common in most of the language. It is basically used to generate a list of elements having some specific property. Moreover, Python List Comprehension make code smaller but effective. The basic structure consist of Python List Comprehension three parameters. Variable Expression for output A variable representingRead More