Mobile Penetration Testing Training

Mobile Penetration Testing

Course Description

Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing is the online training course on Mobile Application Security that gives penetration testers and IT Security professionals the practical skills necessary to understand technical threats and attack vectors targeting mobile devices. The course will walk you through the process of identifying security issues on Android and iOS Applications, using a wide variety of techniques including Reverse Engineering, Static/Dynamic/Runtime and Network analysis.

The student will learn how to code simple iOS and Android applications step by step. These will be necessary to fully understand mobile application security and to build real world POC’s and exploits. Moreover, a number of vulnerable mobile applications, included in the training course, will give the student the chance to practice and learn things by actually doing them: from decrypting and disassembling applications, to writing fully working exploits and malicious applications.

Mobile Device Security course will look in-depth into all aspects of mobile security and provide candidates with the knowledge necessary to assess mobile app security including what hackers look for in mobile apps.

Target Audience

  • Security Professionals
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Penetration Tester
  • Technology Evangelist
  • Anyone who is interested in Smart phone Attacks & Security

Course Key Highlights

  • Vulnerabilities and Exploits in Smart Phones
  • Smart Phone Rooting
  • Application Security of Smart Phone
  • Cracking PIN of Smart Phone
  • Pattern Unlock Cracking
  • Session Hijacking
  • Smart Phone Forensics
  • Smart Phone Security & Activity Monitoring.

Course Duration

  • 40 Hours

Modules Covered

  • Introduction and OS Structure of Smart Phone
  • Overview of Smart Phone Apps
  • Vulnerabilities and Exploits in Smart Phones
  • Smart Phone Rooting Methods
  • Application Security of Smart Phone
  • Data Risks of Smart Phone and Security
  • Cracking PIN of Smart Phone Devices and Security
  • Pattern Unlock Cracking and Security
  • Attacking by Smart Phones as Hacker Perspective
  • Smart Phone as Hacker Hacking Tools and Security
  • Session Hijacking of Smart Phones
  • Smart Phone Advance Phishing Attacks
  • Spoofing and Sniffing in Smart Phones and Security
  • DNS Spoofing & Poisoning and Security
  • Smart Phone Password Stealing Attacks and Security
  • Smart Phone Account Hacking and Security
  • Hacking of SMART Phone with Malware and Security
  • Cloning of Smart Phone as Forensic Perspective
  • Smart Phone Forensics and Data Recovery
  • Smart Phone Device Locking and Security
  • Unwanted Contents Filtering and Blocking
  • Smart Phone Security & Activity Monitoring
  • Firewall & Anti-virus Security
  • Countermeasures and Implementation Security in Smart Phones