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Android Application Penetration Testing

Course Description

Android is a Linux kernel mobile platform that has been popular throughout its existence on a huge variety of devices, especially mobile smartphones. Most organizations, ranging from banking to telecom companies, have also come up with their apps for Android. Just like generic web applications, these mobile applications need a pen-test exercise as a part of their SDLC life cycle.

This market is projected to reach a huge size by the end of 2014 with the growing demand for high-end smartphone applications. Also, people generally rely too much on their Android devices, so compromising them might lead to the loss of a good amount of critical data, including passwords, emails, etc. Therefore, security testing of the applications carrying sensitive user data is very important.

Android Web Application Testing course is designed to provide software quality assurance and testing professionals with the background and tools necessary to organize manual and automated testing efforts for mobile applications. This course would be mainly targeted for Android applications who want to take a deep dive into mobile application security testing and focuses on the approach for pen-testing Android-based mobile applications. It also provides an introduction to the tool set available for the Android platform. During this course, candidate will try to understand the complete process of mobile application testing in a very comprehensive manner.

This course further surveys the state of mobile technology, focuses on the software quality challenges it poses, and offers ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile testing. The course discusses how to integrate mobile testing effort into the overall testing process. The course will have continuous live project demos by our experienced trainer throughout the duration.

Course Duration

  • 40 Hours

Course Content

Introduction Web Architecture

  • Front End Architecture (Demo)
  • Database Architecture (Demo)
  • Security Issues in Backend and Front (Demo)
  • Authentication Mechanism etc (Demo)

Vulnerability of Web Application

  • Common Vulnerability in Web (Demo)
  • Public Vulnerability (Demo)
  • 0-Day Vulnerability (Demo)
  • Analyzing the Vulnerability of Web (Demo)

Live Web Application Penetration Testing

  • Application Testing Methods in Real World (Demo)
  • Challenges in Live Web Application Testing (Demo)
  • Methodology of Live Web Testing (Demo)
  • Risk Security in Live Web Application Testing (Demo)

Manual and Automatic Attacks and Patching Methods

  • Finding the Vulnerability without any Tools (Demo)
  • Manual Black box and White box Testing Methods (Demo)
  • Patching the Vulnerability (Demo)
  • Vulnerability Testing with Automatic Tools (Demo)
  • Reporting Methods of Testing (Demo)

Android Application Vulnerabilities

  • Android Phone App Big Vulnerabilities (Demo)
  • Security of Android Malicious App (Demo)
  • Analysis of Android App Code and Working of Apps (Demo)
  • Android App Testing with Automatic Tools etc. (Demo)

Pattern & Password Attacks and Security

  • Android Password Security Mechanism (Demo)
  • Previous Big Vulnerabilities in Android Security (Demo)
  • Flaws in Android Security in these Days (Demo)
  • How Attacker Can Crack Android PIN or Pattern (Demo)
  • Security Implementation in Android Phone (Demo)