Secure Web Gateway Virtual Solution


Codec Networks Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance (SWG) offers the most accurate protection from next-generation threats and the most flexible deployment options in the industry providing the same high level coverage to remote,mobile and on premise users.

With the new Secure Web Gateway Virtual Solution, businesses can support Web security and Network Security of most critical remote office infrastructure on a common platform, reducing costs and IT resource requirements.

It offers true, zero-day protection for your organization with its world class technology that instantly analyzes the intent of the code and doesn't simply reply on a simple comparison to a list of known,infected sites.

SWG enables safe, productive access to Web 2.0 while ensuring compliance, minimizing data loss and eliminating malware risk.

  • Identify and block malware hosts and rate Web content in real time
  • Classify Web sites based on actual Web usage patterns
  • Accurately rate and block inappropriate content from 150 million rating requests per day
  • Enables organizations to prevent web-delivered malware, viruses, worms, spyware, bots and Trojans entering the network

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