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Today's global IT environment, Corporate Companies face a constant challenge of

  • managing critical Security risk
  • protecting vital information
  • demonstrating compliance with regulatory and industry standards

In fact, all successful attacks are on the networks whose admins (or entire security teams) were doing their best to maintain a perimeter! Antivirus, access control, firewall and Intrusion Prevention Systems are failing to keep attackers from reaching vulnerable systems.

Therefore, in order to better secure any network, it appears that these well known vulnerabilities must be found and fixed regardless of ANY set of perimeter defense solutions being in place.

The dramatic increase of insider threats to sensitive data, explosive growth of malware and targeted attacks and strict enforcement of security and operations standards mean companies must focus on TCO and effective risk management while still investing in their strategic security initiatives.

Codec Networks Network Security Solutions and Services team simplifies IT security and compliance management and provides proactive protection of enterprise data and IT assets, improved security, risk mitigation and audit readiness at a lower investment while improving operational efficiencies and ensuring compliance with hundreds of global regulations, mandates and internal policies.

Codec Networks Security Vulnerability Management (SVM)

  • Integrated, Proactive Software Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management.
  • Deliver Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management through an integrated solution that enables organizations to automatically detect risks, deploy patches and defend business information. All of this across a complex, highly-distributed environment with greater efficiency and minimal impact to productivity.
  • Performs assessment and analysis of threats impacting all network devices via network-based scanning and provides proactive management of threats through automated collection, analysis and delivery of patches for all major operating systems and applications across heterogeneous environments.

Codec Networks Assessment and Audit Methodology Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing methodology for network components and infrastructure devices is described below in detail.

Audit Methodolo Services

Reconnaissance :

  • This would involve gathering as much information as possible about the selected target object. We will attempt to map the IT infrastructure of the customer as accurately as possible with minimum input from customer's IT personnel.

Enumeration :

This would involve detailing of the target, including but not limited to:

  • Finding live hosts using ping, nslookup, etc.
  • Finding open ports and services running on the target.
  • Banner-grabbing, SNMP enumeration, permissions.
  • Identification of installed OS, software etc.
  • Topology formation of network architecture based on the reach-ability of devices to be assessed

Weakness Identification :

  • Network components and infrastructure devices are tested using best in class automated scanners; this is further supplemented by configuration reviews to ensure the devices are free from vulnerabilities and are configured securely.

Settings and configurations are analyzed for (including but not limited to) :

  • Cached or default credentials
  • Weak password policies
  • Sensitive data disclosure
  • Encryption vulnerabilities Information leakage Missing security patches Local security policy circumvention Possible exploitation due to missing patches/ security updates

Exploitation :

Exploitation of vulnerabilities detected in earlier phases is carried out using exploitation frameworks and scripts, taking a deep dive approach to penetrate as deep as possible into the setup. Payloads are deployed to exploit detected vulnerabilities and detect whether it possible to carry out.

  • Backdoor entry
  • Spoofing
  • Authentication Attack
  • Hijacking/ Redirects
  • Man-in-the middle attack
  • Eavesdropping/Packet interception
  • Unauthorized access
  • For production setup, penetration testing is done in a safe mode where payloads are deployed to demonstrate exploitability of vulnerabilities, without actually compromising systems/sensitive data.

Reporting :

Based on results of the exercises and risk analysis, protective measures are recommended as required. High risk vulnerabilities and remediation measures are reported as soon as they are identified.

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Codec Networks helps government agencies tackle the growing risks introduced by mobile devices using IPv4 and IPv6 communications. Our technology enables agencies to :

  • Identify and classify mobile device vulnerabilities
  • Find rogue mobile devices operating on the network
  • Discover policy violations and drains on user productivity
  • Assess and mitigate the overall level of risk attributable to mobile devices

With Codec, agencies can make mobile devices part of a centralized, enterprise-class security management system.

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