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E-Crime and Digital Forensics


Services aimed at identifying and resolving E-Crime incidents that can adversely impact organizations, including cybercrime and online fraud, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to proactively manage security risks

  • Investigation of Digital Frauds and Cyber Crimes
  • 'Incident' identification and response
  • Log analysis and interpretation
  • Establishing 'evidence' as an attribute in good network design
  • Awareness Training to reduce impact of cyber attacks on information assets
  • Cyber Forensic Lifecycle-Development and implementation of policies and processes
  • Webmalware Safe Service

Codec Networks E-Crime Services to Business organizations help to

  • Prevent cyber intrusions/frauds on their information assets
  • Carry out a forensic analysis of suspected attacks and ensure that the offenders/perpetrators are identified
  • Work with client, law enforcement agencies and judiciary and help to collect, preserve, analysis and presentation of reliable and relevant evidence
  • Support the establishment of effective evidence gathering and interpretation mechanisms

Codec Networks E-Crime team specializes in investigating large-scale intrusions performed by the most advanced threat groups. Our E-Crime Services uses the intelligence gathered during each investigation to identify the actions of the attacker, the scope of the compromise, the data loss, the steps required to remove the attacker and the approach required to re-secure the network.


Codec Networks E-Crime Services are focused on helping organizations recover from computer security events while minimizing the impact of the event on the organization. The major activities performed during an investigation are:

  • Assessing the Situation
  • Verifying Client Objectives
  • Collecting Evidence
  • Performing Analysis
  • Proper Management of an Investigation
  • Developing Remediation Plans
  • Developing Investigative Reporting


Our overall experience with industry has been software companies, defense, national research labs, manufacturing companies, law firms, think tanks and multinational corporations.

We also assist for :

Financial Crime

Payment card fraud, illicit ACH/EFT cash transfers and payment processors and financial institutions.

Insider Threats

Systems used by employees, board members and other insiders suspected of inappropriate or unlawful activity.

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