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Python Penetration Testing

Course Description

Python Penetration Testing from CODEC Networks is designed to give candidates the skills they need for tweaking, customizing, or outright developing your own tools to put you on the path of becoming a great penetration tester.

This course is appealing to a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from people without a drop of coding experience all the way up to skilled Python developers looking to increase their expertise and map their capabilities to penetration testing and also covers the concepts of system security, attacking web applications, network security, exploitation techniques, binary and malware analysis and task automation.

Who Should Attend

Candidates should have prior programming experience and be familiar with basic concepts of Python Coding and Python Scripting. To go for this course, the candidate must attend for Python Coding & Scripting course. Codec Networks Provide Best Python Courses , Training , Exam & Certification in Delhi,India.

The course is targeted at Security Professionals who want to learn how to develop Python applications, Penetration testers who want to move from being a consumer of security tools to the creator security tools, Technologists that need custom tools to test their infrastructure and desire to create those tools themselves.

Course Objective

Specifically, attendees will possess relevant knowledge in:

  • Comprehend the File Handling, Functions, and Functional Programming.
  • Configure Python in Linux and Unix
  • How to Develop Web Application attack tools.
  • Configure Python in Windows.
  • Learn to Leverage Python Scripting to maximize the effectiveness of your penetration tests.
  • How to set Controls and Permissions.

Course Duration

  • Fast Track : 5 Days (6 Hours/Day)
  • Regular Track : 6 Weeks (3 Hours/Day)

Kit Include

  • Pre-course technical evaluation
  • Training Material (E-Books)
  • Discount Vouchers up to 15 - 25% for further training
  • Certificate of Appreciation from CODEC Networks

Post Training Program (CODEC Networks Specialty)

  • One Live Project Work
  • Hand-over Labs & Practical's Checklist for review