Security Analyst Certification

As an amateur everyone thinks that hacking is an illegal activity and one becomes a criminal if practices it. But upon coming in contact with an old friend who is into hacking, I understood the significance of hacking for oneself as well as the industry. It was that moment when I decided that I am going to choose this particular field and see my career flourish. But without any prior experience and much knowledge, none of the companies would ever hire me to become a part of their security team. Upon researching and consulting many security experts, I chose to pursue EC Council Security Analyst Certification. It became the turning point of my trembling career. Working for several industries I found this field exceptionally blooming, creative and money generating.

Security Analyst

So now I am a successful professionally certified security analyst. It not only taught me the penetration testing skill set but also got me placed in an eminently reputed multinational company. Be it vulnerability analysis or Application Penetration Testing, Advanced Googling or even Data Leakage Penetration testing, I have expertise in all. This EC Council Security Analyst Training from Delhi has qualified me enough to work under various hacking verticals for various companies. I scored 96% in the EC Council Certification Exam after training that gave me an incredible push in my career. I have been to various countries managing their security structure with my effective and significant skillset.

Data security is my greatest strength and I leave no stone unturned in preventing data leakage. EC Council certification and training has given me what I could never even dream of. It would be my sincere advice to pursue this training who wants to bloom in the security arena.


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